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Ace Scooters – making you smile!

Ace Scooters - Perth's favourite destination for Vespa scooters, Piaggio scooters and Aprilia scooters!

We recognise that we largely have three types of visitors to our site. Perhaps you are simply interested in what scooters are about, and whether they are something that you might find practical, or fun (or ideally both!).

Maybe you know you that want a scooter, but you need to try and work out which one best suits your needs and your wallet.

Or finally you are ready to buy, and just want to work out who best to buy it from.

Hopefully we've got all the information here to meet your needs!   80% of scooter buyers have never owned one before, so finding information that you can trust can be fairly daunting.  Our aim is not to smother you in "sales pitch" (although we'd be liars to suggest that there isn't some!), but to try and give some fair and honest advice that we hope will help you make some good decisions.

Whichever stage you are at, we think that you've come to the right place - we are here to help!

"you guys give so much great advice, Kathy and I love our Vespas"  George Katinis, Tutti Frutti Frozen Yoghurt, Leederville

Should I get one?

10256050_10151991507852056_1585480512_nWell we think so, but perhaps we are biased! There are plenty of reasons to own a scooter. You may be 16 and its the only powered transport you can legally use. Or you may need something to get to work, or the station, but are sick of the traffic, or can't find a parking bay for the time you want to go to work, and the buses are hourly when you get home. Or you want something fun to do at the weekend, take a ride down to Freo, or Hillarys for a coffee. Maybe all three. The reality is that WA, and Perth in particular, is ideally suited to this form of transport. We've got great quality roads, and the ideal climate for this form of transport. Want to know more? Well we've made a bit of an effort to give you as much information as we can, so we'd suggest you start by checking under the Why Buy a Scooter section in the Info section of the menu, or just click here... And for a few background questions to get you started, why not read our FAQ (its the second most reference page on our site...).

How do I compare scooters, and those who sell them?

Ok, so we've decided that buying a scooter might be the right thing to do, but what next? Well, that requires a bit more research, and again, we're here to help. We've written a series of pages telling you about what type of scooter to consider, what kind of scooters to avoid, and about the importance of where you might want to buy your scooter under the Info section of the menu. We've got details about what kind of scooters do what, what kind of licensing you need to ride them (and how we can help you get the right license!), and, once you've worked out your short-list (check the Showroom section for info!), how to double-check which one is the one for you. Unlike some dealers, we are happy to let you know prices up front.  We believe our prices are fair, and value customers who recognise that, and appreciate the quality of the service we try to provide.   Our aim is to be as transparent as possible, with information and prices - but if you need any more information, we are more than happy to provide it!   Sometimes buying a scooter can be a long process, but we are patient and our aim is to work with you to determine the best solution for your needs, and that is a genuine offer.  We are as likely to suggest you purchase a  cheaper model if we think it's a more appropriate vehicle for your needs, because our target is to have happy customers, not maximum sales.  (We also know that acheiving the sales figures we do is BECAUSE we work hard to have happy customers!) It's not a coincidence that we sell Australia's two top selling scooter brands in 2014, Piaggio and Vespa, as well as their sporty cousin Aprilia - we stock the brands that people want.   And it's perhaps even less of a coincidence that in 2012 we were the top selling dealer for Vespa/Piaggio in Australia, and have been the top selling dealer for these brands in WA from very soon after we started stocking them.  And we didn't acheive this by discounting, or other cheap trade tricks, but by treating our customers as we would like to be treated, and looking after their investment.

"Spent most of Saturday trying scooters and getting expert advice.......I don't actually remember the last time I went to a shop (any shop) and was treated so well. Thank you Steve for that" Jane Murray

I'm ready to buy, what do I do next?

So you've done the research, and made up your mind, the next thing is to purchase. Drop in, email or phone us - your choice! We can arrange everything remotely, and have delivered scooters all over the state (as well as to Christmas and the Cocos Islands too!). We just need some contact details, and we can help you manage the process from there. We know that you are making a big enough investment that it needs to be done right.

"Well, what can I say .... took delivery of "Roxy" yesterday - my beautiful Vespa Primavera 125cc. It's like being on a magic carpet ride! Well worth the wait. Big thanks to Steve and his amazing staff." Jan Tibbits

And the nice thing about it is that not only will you be happy with your purchase, others will too! When we recently posted a picture of Karen and her new Primavera on our Facebook page for example, she got the following comments from other customers: Karens PV 150

 Wanda Keightley Yep! That's the Vespa grin.  

Keith Guest We are both in the Primmy club now girl..mines a tad older! ;0  

Raymond Shally Nice one Karen ,will ken fit on the back..lop


Jonathan Maddocks Well done Karen,, i'll be looking out for the first modifications !! Mark Snelson Nice one Karen, see you on the next one.

Mike and Jenny JonesYou might start a trend in the uk.

Peter Smithson Nice one karen happy scootering

Susan Park Looks great enjoy x

Chris Jones Enjoy ! It looks fab ! And I bet the guys at Ace have looked after you !!

So there you have it.     Get a scooter.      Buy it from Ace.      And enjoy!